Frequently Asked Questions

How long after my order is placed will it be shipped?

1-2 Business days

In what cases would my package be late?

In most cases, your package will be delivered within the estimated time of arrival. However, the
actual delivery date may be affected by transportation delays, invalid address, customs clearance
procedures, weather conditions and other external factors.

- During peak sale season, the delivery time of your package(s) may take a little bit longer. Thanks
for your patience. Please go to "my orders-_track" to track your order.

What do I do if I don’t receive my item within the estimated arrival time?

If your package has not been delivered, please give it a few additional days in case of delays. If
still contact us so we can thoroughly investigate.

Does Shop 20 charge taxes on online purchases?

Shop 20 charges HST(Harmonized Sales Tax) in advance when you place the order.

How long does store credit last?

Never Expires